10 years of Providing Quality Care

Amber Home Health Care

As the year 2014 comes to a close, I look back at our humble beginnings as an agency in 2005. It is hard to believe we have been open for going on 10 years. I remember our first little office in the Martin Luther King Business Empowerment Center 237 Chandler Street. It was barely 12 x 10 ft big. It fitted 2 desks, one for me and 1 for the Clinical Services Manager Marion Dyson. I remember Yetunde Olaitan RN who came in to help after her regular work at UMASS and the first Office Assistant Chinenye Agonmoh. Our very first Occupational Therapist was Lisa Owanisian and we got Carol Cooney to come on Board for Speech Therapy. Judith Rivera, our first HHA is still with us today. I worked as Physical therapist, Clinical Liaison and Medical Biller for a long time. The first nurses sat in a row of chairs outside the office to get their assignments. We moved to a bigger space in 1 year as we started to grow and had our first Open House. Senator Chandler and other dignitaries were in attendance.

The MLK Center had a few young Start Up Businesses and together we all forged ahead. Then I was privileged in 2009 to receive Entrepreneur of the Year award from the MLK Center and Worcester Chamber of Commerce. This boosted my confidence to forge ahead despite all daily obstacles

In 2010, we outgrew our space and had to relocate to our current location of 120 Stafford Street. That was a huge milestone which was made possible with the assistance of MGCC. Here we have become stable in our growth because the space offers all we need to add more staff. We have a current strength of close to 40.

Our core Philosophy has stayed the same: no matter your background, you deserve and should receive great quality care. All of our staff undergo Cultural Competency training.

Every Clinician or Office Staff that I have had the honor to employ in 10 years has helped to make Acclaim Home Health Care what it is today. Everyone has brought their own flavor to this company. I have appreciated  input from all and all the hard work put in to keep us with the best reputation we can have. I am thankful to God for good health for myself, my family and my staff through these years to enable us keep doing what we do.

After all, it is all about patient care and the very best of it.

So as we celebrate 10 years of existence, I say we keep doing what we do best: BE THE BEST HOME CARE AGENCY PROVIDING THE BEST CARE POSSIBLE.