Big Heart Award 1st Quarter 2018

Amber Home Health Care

Margaret Gorham is both English and Spanish speaking. She started working as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) for Acclaim Home Health Care in 2006. She has stayed dedicated and is the oldest continuous serving employee in the company. She has a great sense of humor,  great smile and attitude that puts her patients at ease. She was nominated by her peers for The Big Heart award this Quarter with these comments:

  • Conscientious and very caring, always doing what is right for her patients.
  • Her personality and likeability make it easy for patients to feel at ease…
  • Dedicated, loyal, and shows compassion to her patients.
  • She has a very friendly and calm personality.
  • Great PT – compassionate!!
  • Her patients love her, I have heard many compliments about her.

Congratulations Meg!