Circle of Life

Amber Home Health Care

Another Year begins. Thankful for the many blessings of last year. Looking forward to the challenges of the future.

For the elderly who are alone and sick, not such a Happy New Year. We in healthcare have a unique view of the most frail and the most desperate and have the biggest challenge to care for them with all of our might and resources.  We are entrusted with their care  and sometimes we are all they have.

With children heading off in other directions in search of work, more and more of the elderly are going to be alone without relatives close by and sometimes crisis hits when a next of kin cannot be physically present due to pressures of work.

Answers? The dilemma then presents to either move back closer to the parent or move the parent closer to the children who have to work and get caregivers to supplement their care.

So parent takes care of kids and kids grow up to take care of  frail parents. CIRCLE OF LIFE!!!