Conversations on Home care and the American social structure.

Amber Home Health Care

As medical advances allow us to live longer, our generation is going to have to figure out an adequate social support structure to keep older people safe in their homes.

Home care companies can either provide skilled care which is intermittent Nursing, Therapies and Home care Aides through insurance or privately paid Home care services. The fact is that most people with all the current expenses of bringing up a family, are not going to have enough money saved up for 24 hour custodial care. The cost of School education wipes out most working class people’s savings.

Our children are going to be at work, grandchildren in school and not enough support for older parents/grandparents. In this culture, no one wants to inconvenience their children by living with them and most children do not want to be inconvenienced either. A cultural shift is very unlikely.

Most of us working people are going to be above income for welfare/Medicaid which pays for custodial care.

We, caregivers constantly see unsafe situations in the elderly who live on the edge and unfortunately see very few options for cheaper solutions. The Hospital is not the answer and a Skilled nursing facility will max out insurance benefits after a while. Home care should be the cheapest of the expensive options.

It does not sound so good for our generation as we get older.