Amber Home Health Care

A new year brings an opportunity for new beginnings with a lot of things. Personally, new resolutions are made. Professionally, it is a time to evaluate the past year and see where new opportunities may lie for the year ahead.

In evaluation of Acclaim, I would very proudly say we all worked hard to serve our patients the best we could. As a reward, we were awarded a 4 Star by Medicare for our Quality of patient care. That says everything. Most agencies fall into the 3 star to 3.5 star category. The secret of being a 4 star agency lies with the hardworking Clinical Staff who take the time to assess their patients accurately for their needs. They then provide the care which many times includes a multidisciplinary approach. They coordinate the care, actually talk to each other, work together and make a difference in the patient’s lives. Once progress is made, they document this progress.

Medicare in 2017 has issued a revision to its Conditions of Participation to provide services as a medicare Certified agency and a lot of the revisions revolve around quality care. The roles of everyone from the governing body to the Clinical staff is all geared towards quality care provision. We, at Acclaim, agree with Medicare that the bad eggs should be rooted out so that patients actually get a chance to be treated by the agencies providing the right care for the right reasons.

So as 2017 starts with all the new changes, we at Acclaim promise to keep the Patient the Center of our focus and as we provide the great care we are known for, we will continue to meet all the regulations set forth by Medicare.

KUDOS to all the staff at Acclaim, you continue to make me proud!