Amber Home Health Care

The biggest challenge that most healthcare workers face is the fear of getting infected and passing the infection to either loved ones or other patients. From the beginning we had that as our priority to protect the staff. We made it mandatory early on to use a mask for all our visits. We had the challenge of being able to secure enough Personal Protective Equipment or PPE as commonly referred.

I was able to link into the supply chain for the Emergency Preparedness team at the Dept of Public Health. Thankfully, we started to get supplies through that link as all our vendors were back ordered. We ended up getting hand sanitizers delivered by the National Guard. Also we have received donations of masks from 2 companies Herlihy Insurance and Storz for which we are very grateful. Earlier on Anna Maria College donated gloves and Goggles from their science Labs.

The next panic is around running out of Disinfectant wipes. The clinicians have to be able to wipe down any equipment in between patients. We are still actively looking for Disinfectant wipes as we get a few containers here and there from Grocery Stores who limit the number to 2 per customer when they get a delivery.

We have also cut down traffic to the office to a bare minimum. Any supplies staff need and prepackaged for them once they call us and we meet them at the door with the supplies. We social distance in the office all wearing masks and wiping down all common surfaces constantly with Lysol spray and Dettol disinfectant spray.

We are told Worcester is a hot-spot now and so we have to remain steadfast and vigilant doing our best to keep our patients safely in their own homes, as well as keeping all our Staff safe. We truly hope the COVID-19 pandemic lets up soon for everyone’s sake.