Surviving in a COVID era as Health Care Provider/Business

Amber Home Health Care

Five  months into this COVID Pandemic and not being sure how much longer  it will last, one has to take stock of where the company is.

I am thankful for all the workers who stuck it out and provided great care for all our patients. Having the right personal protective equipment available greatly impacted our ability to continue to provide care for the vulnerable population that counts on us. The staff loyalty truly showed the stuff they are all made of. I cannot be any prouder of my team.

The challenge to survive as a company was made easier with both the Stimulus bills passed and the small business Payroll Protection Plan loan (PPP) . Below is the link to an article published by the Worcester Business Journal on 08/17/2020 on the PPP loan and the way minority business were not prioritized. With increased awareness of economic injustice in the wake of recent Civil rights movements, I hope the community challenges itself to do better. Please read.

Not prioritised. 08/17/2020 edition