The journey of an entrepreneur

Amber Home Health Care

Much as I have shared my bio under the page About us on this website, I have rarely shared the challenges facing a new Entrepreneur which I was 12-13 years ago. I got the opportunity to hopefully inspire a new breed of Entrepreneurs during a Woostapreneur event on May 9th at Worcester State College, with me being a speaker on a panel. There was 3 of us women owners with various lines of business. We shared in common the fact that we were all mothers and so had a strong sense of family obligations. We all had a fierce passion for what we do and all would do it again despite all the difficult experiences of finding finance, sometimes having people close doors in our faces, and the challenges of managing people on a daily basis. We all had similar values that guide us of integrity, respect, and openness to employees for ideas for growth. It truly was an honor and I learnt from the other 2 women on the panel immensely what truly matters at the end of the day