The Price of Gas

Amber Home Health Care

Home care workers are on the road all the time. That’s how we get to our patients.Depending on the agency, workers can travel up to 40 to 70 miles miles a day seeing their patients with dedication.
Already the reimbursement for Home care services by Medicare is under attack with possible cuts next year. So the agencies are handicapped to give their workers a raise to be able to compete in this current climate.
You add the price of Gas at the pump and it is a very discouraging situation for home care clinicians.
We have been through the pandemic and survived, caring for our patients with dedication. Then the price of Gas threatens to make our lives more difficult.
Agencies to cope, have cut off several towns to keep staff local. A much smaller territory is easier for staff to travel throughout and afford on the current reimbursements and compensation levels.
We hope politicians are able to factor all this in when considering further cuts to Medicare reimbursement next year.